Increasing Salon Sales for Modern Artists in Economic Crunch

An Example of Modern Art.

An Example of Modern Art.

A SoHo art salon in New York City needs to dramatically increase sales for its emerging modern artists.  The artists live in NYC but are from around the world.  What new technologies can be used to achieve this?

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One Response to “Increasing Salon Sales for Modern Artists in Economic Crunch”

  1. jimluce Says:

    The salon keeper must be perceived as the go-to expert on the emerging global modern art scene in New York City, particular to SoHo. Here’s how:

    1. Begin a daily blog on the NYC modern art scene, juxtaposed with the salon’s own artists.

    2. The artists should be interviewed and video interviews posted to YouTube.

    3. The salon keeper and each salon artist needs a wikipedia entry, all linked to each other.

    4. The salon and salon keeper and artists each need a presence on FaceBook and LinkedIn.

    5. Find every “modern art” person in FaceBook and LinkedIn and reach out to them as friends.

    6. Stop opening the salon to non-members. Membership should cost $100 per yer for ten wine-and-cheese receptions where the salon keeper, the artists plus art collecting experts from JPMorgan, Sotheby’s, etc. speak. Membership entitles one to a discount on the art being offered.

    7. Get art critics from the New York Times, public television, etc. to cover the salon gatherings.

    8. The salon keeper and artists must add links to all above in their e-mail auto-signatures.

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