Giving Newly-Arrived Home Attendants with Nursing Education

Homes of New York City.

Homes of New York City.

There exists a large population of bright home attendants in New York City from around the world, often burdened with family obligations coupled with low incomes.  These people, many women, often wish for a better life through the acquisition of nursing skills.  At the same time, there is a nursing shortage in the U.S.  How can programs evolve to meet these related needs?

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2 Responses to “Giving Newly-Arrived Home Attendants with Nursing Education”

  1. jimluce Says:

    People give to people.

    1. Give the project a name. Maybe “Nurturing Nursing”?

    2. Create a website with the Top Ten home attendants in NYC who desire nurse training. Deeply moving profiles. Increase it as needed.

    3. Create a FaceBook presence as well.

    4. Identify nurses in the NYC area via FaceBook and LinkedIn.

    5. Drive nurses and nursing school administrators and faculty to the site.

  2. Ellen Polivy Says:

    Good way to brainstorm. How about “Aides to Nurses”? We should be giving extraordinary home attendants a chance to get a nursing education. There are some really great people who cobble together a living wage by working umpteen hours as CNAs or home health aides who could get higher credentials if they had the money to support their family while they went to nursing school. Ironically, working puts them over the financial aide levels at colleges. Any financial assistance would have to include a stipend to allow them to support their family as well. Rough estimate with tuition and family living expenses, I think it would cost around 50-60K a year or according to each person’s individual budget. Once she/he has the nursing degree, she/he should be able to pay it back over a period of time with the increased salary.

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