Outside the Box with Jim Luce & Friends



Recent requests for solving specific problems with specific new technologies:

New technology solutions include the proper and targeted applications of Bebo, Blogger, Digg, Doostang, FaceBook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Picasa, Plaxo, The Point, RSS, Twitter, TypePad, Wiki, Wikipedia, WordPress, Xing, YouTube, etc.


Orphans International Worldwide, the organization associated with the United Nations I founded ten years ago, uses new technologies to promote it’s global humanitarian mission.  Below are specific links to specific examples of how one organization — and one founder — have promoted a dream:

  • Bebo 500px-bebo_logosvg (for individuals) Jim Luce
    A popular social networking website — “Blog Early Blog Often” — owned by AOL.
  • Blogger b16-rounded (for individuals or groups)
    A blog publishing system owned by Google.
    OI Worldwide, OI Worldwide History, OI America, OI America State Chapters, OI America College Chapters, OI American Interns, OI Dominican Republic, OI Haiti, OI Indonesia, OI Sri Lanka, OI Tanzania
  • Delicious deliciousbirthday53 (for individuals or groups) bounces to photo albums on Flickr
    a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks
  • Digg http://digg.com (for individuals) Jim Luce
    A website to share content by submitting links to stories and voting for most popular.
  • Doostang http://doostang.com (for individuals)  Jim Luce
    An invitation-only social-networking site geared towards those seeking career advancement.
  • FaceBook 200px-facebooksvg1 (for individuals or groups)
    A social networking website where users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves.
    OI Worldwide
    (“cause”), OI Worldwide (“page”), OI America Charity Events, OI America Interns, OI America/Mt. Holyoke, OI Greece, OI Tanzania, Jim Luce, (“celebrity”), Jim Luce (“personal”)
  • Flickr 200px-flickr_gamma_logosvg1 (for individuals or groups) Indonesian Consulate Gala, French Wine Party at Pink Elephant NYC
    An image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform.
  • Google Sites http://sites.google.com (Orphans International Google Site is restricted to volunteers only)
    A free in-house website that allows your staff or volunteers to coordinate projects.LinkedIn linkedin_logo (for individuals or groups)  OI Worldwide, Jim Luce
    A business-oriented social networking site used for professional networking.
  • Picasa http://picasa.com (for individual or group) OI America, OI Haiti, OI Indonesia, Jim Luce
    A software application for organizing and editing digital photos owned by Google.
  • Plaxo Pulse images (for individuals) Jim Luce
    A social network around third-party data that allows users to stay connected to their friends’ content updates across different social networks and platforms.
  • The Point http://thepoint.com (for groups) Orphans International Haiti
    A website for organizing group actions, allowing people to congregate around the issues they care about and combine forces to make things happen.
  • RSS Really Simple Syndication 16px-feed-iconsvg (for individuals or groups)
  • TypePad  //www.typepad.com/
    Owned by SixApart, one of the three major blogging platforms used by organizations and individuals.
  • Twitter http://twitter.com (for individuals) Jim Luce
    A social networking and micro-blogging site that allows users to post their latest updates.
  • Wikipedia http://wikipedia.com (for individuals or groups) OI Worldwide
    A free encyclopedias in all languages of the world built by its volunteer contributors and editors.
  • WordPress http://wordpress.com (for individuals or groups) Jim Luce
    A popular and free blogging platform which competes with Google’s Blogger and Six Apart’s TypePad.
  • Xing http://xing.com (for individuals) Jim Luce
    A networking and professional contact management platform used globally.
  • YouTube http://youtube.com (for individuals or groups) OI Worldwide, Jim Luce
    The leader in online video-sharing of original videos worldwide.

2 Responses to “Outside the Box with Jim Luce & Friends”

  1. Shelley Shanski Says:

    Congratulations Jim,
    May I suggest TripIt for those wanting to follow you and others in your organization around the world with your great cause.

  2. jimluce Says:

    Thanks, Shelley! (tripit.com) I have heard of this site, but checked it out at CrunchBase to be sure: “TripIt is an intelligent travel organizer that helps do-it-yourself travelers manage their travel plans so that their trips go more smoothly. Travelers simply forward their purchase confirmation emails to TripIt and TripIt automatically creates master itineraries with travel plans and other critical information. With TripIt, it’s easy for travelers to print or access their trip plans from anywhere–and to share itineraries and travel calendars with friends in their TripIt network.” (http://www.crunchbase.com/company/tripit). – Jim

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